Pin Wheel

flour tortillas spread w/cream cheese. your choice of meat and cheese rolled and sliced 

serves     20-25                           50.00




your choice served on a mini croissant

serves      20-25                        50.00


        Shrimp Cocktail

shrimp with our own special sauce

                                market price


        Shrimp Po Boy

deep fried mini shrimp on sub bun w/slaw and special sauce

serves    8-10                                25.00


        Smoked Salmon

wild caught smoked salmon

serves    6-10                                35.00



         Fruit Tray

Assorted fruit of the season

serves   8-12                               29.00               20-25                              50.00                    



         Relish Tray

Assorted veggies w/dip

serves   8-12                               25.00                   15-20                             35.00                       30                             50.00 



  Mexican Layer Dip

refried beans, seasoned sour cream topped w/veggies & tortilla chips

serves   12-15                               20.00




assorted cheese sliced or cubed w/crackers

serves   10-20                           30.00

serves   20-25                           50.00                     

        Cheese Ball      

cream cheese and sharp cheddar rolled in walnuts w/ crackers




assorted freshly sliced meats 

serves   10-20                           30.00

serves   20-25                           50.00                     

Cold Appetizers


our special recipe topped with a sliced jalpeno






Half Baked

   Tortilla Cheese Cake    

seasoned cream cheese mixture. baked in tortilla chip crust w/ crackers 



garbenzo bean dip w/ pita




our special recipe





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