all casseroles serve four hearty meals!

we use organically grown fresh veggies whenever possible.

    Zucchini Lasagna

 sliced zucchini sauteed used as  the noodles for this cheesy  layered dish                   


   Tuna Noodle Casserole

  tuna, veggies, noodles in a             creamy sauce        



    Vegetable Lasagna

 chopped veggies, noodles, cheese  w/choice of red or white sauce                   


        Salmon Shells

 salmon, assorted veggies, mayo  and herbs, stuffed into shells.  (cold dish)        

​                                            20.00                   

       Pasta​ Primavera

 penne pasta w/assorted sauteed  veggies and herbs with chopped  tomatoes        

​                                            15.00                   

     Eggplant Parmesan     

breaded eggplant layered with cheese




Cheese or Bean Enchiladas​

  your choice of flour or corn         tortillas and enchilada sauce         

​                                            15.00                   


  Macaroni and Cheese


 creamy and very cheesy


 Whole Wheat Pita Pizza​

 white sauce, basil, garlic,  mozzarella,parmesan and  artichoke hearts         

​                                               7.95